As we enter our third year of operating Ag Work, and our biggest one to date, we take a look into the back story of how we ended up being one of the main seasonal agricultural recruitment specialists.

After the Covid 19 pandemic hit the country, seasonal labour supply was at an all time low, with many farmers wondering how to navigate the ‘new normal’ world we found ourselves in. Many young people, having not been allowed to travel for 3 years, found themselves confused and overwhelmed by the prospect of working abroad. Working abroad offered an array of opportunities for young people to experience agriculture first hand and gain invaluable insight into a different country and systems. And for many farmers, having seasonal labour was a crucial part of their business operation and one which was detrimental for success. The crux of the problem not just being accessing labour, but skilled and efficient labour.

As the wave of disruption caused by the pandemic slowly started to fade and businesses came out of recovery mode, there was no apparent leader in the agricultural recruitment world to offer a bespoke service of helping connect global farmers and workers. Hence, the arrival of Ag Work NZ. Our vision was a simple one; hassle free hiring. Offering a recruitment service to those wanting to travel abroad by connecting them with an employer. Without the worry of finding a safe and enjoyable workplace and sorting paperwork, Ag Work NZ stepped in to make it happen.

We Have Helped 100s of Candidates

To date, we have helped 100’s candidates and many employers, a lot of which are repeat customers, find working holiday and staffing solutions. We have an unrivalled process, of interviewing and checking both employers and candidates and our results quite frankly, speak for themselves.

The heart of our business is agriculture and we feel that to be involved with such a dynamic industry, needs an experienced and dynamic workforce, who can handle anything thrown their way. Being owned and operated by a mix of NZ and British farmers makes us the industry leaders we are, with over 20 years experience working in the contracting field, coupled with UK Agri business experienced personnel, our team have had to deal first hand with many of the issues felt by agricultural businesses. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, and all our team play a vital part in making the process happen as smoothly as possible.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

So why do we do what we do? A simple one, because we know how important our industry is. And we want to make it as accessible as possible to young people who want to be involved with it. Empowering and equipping young people with the skills and experience to tackle a new generation of farming is vital for survival and here at Ag Work NZ we recognise this.

Many farmers are facing crippling uncertainty with their farming operations and if we can help by helping them access experienced and skilled staff, we are helping strengthen their future. We are so committed to helping our farmers, we even brought our recruitment fees down by over 50%, something that has not been done by anyone else in our field.

Why Choose Us?

So why choose us, because we care, we keep in touch with our candidates, even ones that have been and gone but still let us know how our work helped shape their careers. We are the passionate movers and shakers who get it done. We are not the biggest company, though we soon will be with our growth, we are the ones that are wholly committed to our sector and for it to not just survive but thrive.