The heart of our business is agriculture and we feel that to be involved with such a dynamic industry, need an experienced and dynamic workforce, who can handle anything thrown their way. Being owned and operated by a mix of NZ and British farmers makes us the industry leaders we are, with over 20 years of experience working in the contracting field, coupled with UK Agri business experienced personnel, our team has had to deal firsthand with many of the issues felt by agricultural businesses. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, and all our team play a vital part in making the process happen as smoothly as possible.

We know how important our industry is. And we want to make it as accessible as possible to young people who want to be involved with it. Empowering and equipping young people with the skills and experience to tackle a new generation of farming is vital for survival and here at Ag Work NZ we recognise this.

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Working abroad offers an array of opportunities for young people to experience agriculture firsthand and gain invaluable insight into a different country and systems. And for many farmers, having seasonal labour was a crucial part of their business operation and one which was detrimental to success. The crux of the problem not just being accessing labour, but skilled and efficient labour.

To date, we have helped hundreds of candidates and many employers, a lot of which are repeat customers, find working holiday and staffing solutions. We have an unrivaled process, of interviewing and checking both employers and candidates, and our results quite frankly, speak for themselves.

About Us


Andre Syben
Company director

Andre has been involved in Agriculture for his entire life, and is the Director of Ag Technology Group. He has owned and operated agricultural businesses for more than 35 years and has been working with leading European agriculture companies for the last 30 years. Andre has extensive agricultural and business connections throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA, South America, UK, Ireland and Europe. He is known for his drive and tirelessly looks for opportunities and improvement.

Abi Swaffield
Recruitment Manager

¬†With a background of UK agri business and recruitment. Abi heads up our candidate team, working with the candidates to support them on their trip abroad, she is on hand to make the trip enjoyable and seamless for candidates. Based for the majority in the UK, she works with many of the Colleges and Universities to help students find placements in NZ and conducts initial vetting’s of candidates.


Heading up the employer team, Paula is on hand to answer any questions from employers and guide them through the recruitment process. As a trained mental heath nurse, she is the first person the candidates meet when they arrive in NZ and helps them set up all their arrival documents and facilitates them smoothly adjusting to life in NZ.

About Us


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