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Once you have filled in your online form, you will be contacted for an interview, this is over the phone and will give you opportunity to ask any questions you have about travelling and working in New Zealand. Our experienced and friendly team are experts at finding the right job for you, and AG Work NZ are the only company that is committed to not charging any candidate fees, so you can get the best experience possible!


Paperwork &

We will match you with potential employers and help schedule Zoom interviews. We will also assist you in applying for your visa. All our employers can provide not just a job, but a full-on Kiwi experience! With accommodation and a great rate of pay, know that you will be off to work with some of the best farmers in New Zealand. With minimal paperwork – AG Work handles the whole process for you, plenty of time to start getting excited!


Flight Booking & Confirmation

We will help you co-ordinate with our licensed travel agent to book your flights. In most cases you will be traveling with other Ag Work recruits so you can meet people during your travels. With a whole AG Work community, know that you are being looked after by the best of the best!


Arrival & Airport

Once you arrive the AG Work NZ team pick you up from the airport and ensure you have a New Zealand bank account, SIM card, arrival lunch, hotel accommodation and IRD number set up before your employer picks you up from the AG Work base. Your whole arrival into NZ, will be as seamless as possible. And our care doesn’t stop there, with full integration support offered to help you adjust into your new role and community.

Work in NZ

College and University

Did you know AG Work NZ is the largest college and university placement provider for students in New Zealand? We are proudly affiliated with many agricultural colleges and universities in the UK including Hartpury University and Harper Adams University.

If you want to explore your options to complete your placement overseas, AG Work NZ has a dedicated placement team to help secure the best placement option for you.

Don’t get caught out paying for your ultimate working holiday experience, AG Work NZ is completely fee-free! 

Work in NZ

Candidate Requirements


We only accept recruits between the ages of 18-30, as you must be in this age bracket to qualify for a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand.


Due to visa restrictions, we only accept recruits who are permanent residents of the UK, Ireland, or countries with a relevant WHV scheme.

Skills & Attributes

To succeed as an Ag Work recruit you will require excellent communication skills, a strong commitment to workplaces and tasks and be excited to experience New Zealand agriculture!

Travel Costs

We don’t charge any fees to be an Ag Work recruit however you must be able to cover your travel expenses to New Zealand and the cost of your visa application.


We will require a CV with references and details of your experience with relevant machinery. If you don’t have a CV you can download our template here and we will assist you.


You must be able to commit to a minimum of 6 months with an employer. We are able to facilitate placement students if you have a workable timeframe.

For Job Seekers

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