What is the most valuable resource? One that we can’t bottle and sell? One that we wish we had more of and that we often wish we could duplicate over and over again.


For many of us, Time = Money. And that is an equation that will continue to grow as our lives and businesses do. It is estimated that as human beings, we can have as little as 23 minutes of ‘spare time’ each week, with that number set to keep falling.

Working in agriculture is a busy and demanding lifestyle, which leaves very little in terms of time, let alone ‘spare time’.  For businesses to run effectively, time needs to be put into things such as infrastructure, staffing, logistics, supplies, and other business overheads all of which once set up should tick themselves over smoothly. However, that’s hardly ever the case, more and more businesses each year face wasting precious time on resetting these factors.

Take staffing for example; we know that time equals your hard-earned money, but how does that factor into who you hire and the recruitment process? Good staff are hard to come by. Good staff that can slot seamlessly into your business, that will save you time by being a proactive member of your team helping make your business run smoothly and profitably.  

But chances are that that hire isn’t going to come from ads on social media or Trade Me. Recruitment needs time put into it, to find the right fit and the right people with the skills for your business.

The Real Cost Of Recruitment in 2024

Let’s break it down further, you may need to spend on average an hour or two trawling through websites to list your advert, and you then have to spend another four-plus hours going through CVs and deciphering whose CV is actually going to have the skillset you need.

Then there’s the interview process, which you will have to repeat several times, there’s another six-plus hours gone. Not including your reference checks, right-to-work checks, and skill assessment. All for you to get to their start day and you hit with a no-show. Back to square 1.  

All that wasted time, and all that wasted money. Having to do this frequently is a deterrent, especially to small employers, and should not be a barrier for them to accessing a skilled workforce.


Breaking down that barrier to accessing a skilled workforce is the cusp of what Ag Work NZ offers. We believe that by using an agency you will be undoubtedly saving yourself time and therefore, money. Not only do we have a strong standing retention rate, but we also have contingency planning for when things don’t go as planned. By partnering with Ag Work NZ, you are helping create a stronger and more productive team, with your recruitment taken care of and giving you the time to focus on what matters.

Get in touch with our Ag recruitment team today, let’s save you money and time!