Agriculture is an integral backbone of New Zealand’s economy. In 2022, it contributed a staggering $13.5 billion to the national GDP and is poised for a 3.5% growth. This sector, with its diverse subsidiaries, produces crops and products that have a global footprint, marking an industry set for continuous growth.

Challenges in New Zealand’s Agricultural Sector

Despite its significance, New Zealand farmers face barriers that impede the industry’s full potential. A critical issue is the labour shortage, a persistent challenge that needs resolution for New Zealand to maintain its competitive edge in the global market. Presently, many employers are struggling with hiring suitable candidates, leading to high turnover rates. The difficulty lies not just in finding good staff but in retaining them.

The Growing Demand for Agricultural Workers

Projections indicate that by 2025, the dairy sector will need an additional 2,300 workers, and the industry will require 8,300 more qualified workers, plus 25,700 trained personnel to replace natural attrition. The advancement of technology in primary industries is creating a demand for a workforce skilled in new technologies and methodologies, crucial for adapting to environmental challenges.

Ag Work’s Mission and Approach

Ag Work is committed to aiding farmers not just to survive but to thrive. Our goal is to help you invest in your workforce. We showcase all that New Zealand agriculture has to offer, creating a symbiotic relationship between employers and candidates who are keen on advancing their careers in the industry.

International Workforce and Agricultural Education Partnerships

At Ag Work, we provide access to a skilled workforce from the UK, and Ireland to New Zealand’s agri industry. These individuals are eager to contribute to New Zealand’s thriving agricultural sector. Our partnerships with leading Agricultural Universities and Colleges ensure that employers have access to graduates with innovative skills and modern farming techniques.

Candidate Selection and Employer Matching

We meticulously screen applicants from diverse backgrounds in agriculture, ensuring that they meet employers’ criteria. Our two-way matching process is designed to ensure the success of both the employer and the candidate.

We Streamline The Process

We streamline the process of employing overseas workers by providing support for Working Holiday Visa applications, and our in-house travel advisor assists with travel arrangements. New arrivals receive training through our Ag Drive partnership and assistance with setting up bank accounts and IRD numbers.

Our Success and Client Satisfaction

Over recent years, we have matched over 100 candidates with employers, with 60% returning for our services. Many candidates have transitioned to permanent residency, reflecting the positive work experiences facilitated by us.


Though finding a skilled workforce may seem challenging, Ag Work is dedicated to bridging this gap. By connecting New Zealand farmers with a capable, global workforce, we are paving the way for a prosperous agricultural future.

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